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Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
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2020-02-11 Investigation 48:30
Kim Allen
What is meant by investigation (damma vicaya in Pali) and how do we prepare ourselves to undertake it.
In collection The Seven Factors of Awakening

2020-02-04 Suffering and Its End 46:32
Shaila Catherine
In this talk, Shaila Catherine addresses the great teaching of the Buddha known as the four noble truths: 1) suffering, 2) the cause of suffering is craving, 3) the end of suffering, and 4) the path leading to the end of suffering. Shaila Catherine explores each of the four truths through inspiring sutta references and daily life examples that show how we can live our daily lives from the perspective of liberating wisdom. Rather than engage in endless philosophical speculations or become attached to views and opinions, the Buddha taught a practical path based on the recognition of the fundamental unsatisfactory characteristic of experience. When we recognize dukkha (suffering), we can realize the end of dukkha (suffering).
In collection Buddha's Core Teachings: Finding True Happiness Through the Four Noble Truths

2020-02-04 Mindfulness of the Body: A Guided Meditation with Sequential Touch Sensations 25:16
Shaila Catherine
In this guided meditation, Shaila Catherine introduces a practice of mindfulness of the body by observing a sequence of touch sensations. This meditation guides practitioners to gradually move attention through a series of bodily locations where the feet, buttocks, hands, lips, and eye lids touch. At each location we pause to experience the present sensations that are known at that place of touching. After exploring touch points, we broader the field of attention to the whole body sitting. By alternating the focus of attention between precise and clear points of contact, and broad, restful, receptive awareness of the whole body, the meditator nurtures a clear bright balanced mind that can meet the present moment as it is.
In collection Featured Guided Meditations

2020-02-02 Guided Body Scan 28:35
Sharon Allen
Sharon Allen guides the listener through a body scan meditation to bring a gentle clear attention to the body from head to toe. The body scan practice is not just a practice for beginning meditators, or as a stress-reduction tool. It serves as a key foundational practice for all meditators who are earnest about following the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, and strengthening mindfulness of the body.
In collection Featured Guided Meditations

2020-01-28 Practicing the Path 36:54
Carla Brennan
Do the actions we perform lead us to liberation or continued suffering?
Tuesday Talks
In collection Buddha's Core Teachings: Finding True Happiness Through the Four Noble Truths

2020-01-21 Realizing Freedom 46:17
Toni Bernhard
In the Third Noble Truth the Buddha explained it is possible to end suffering and our inclination for making it worse.
In collection Buddha's Core Teachings: Finding True Happiness Through the Four Noble Truths

2020-01-07 Dukkha - Understanding How Things Are 36:53
Lisa Dale Miller
The Buddha explained in the First Noble Truth how the inherent unsatisfactoriness of human existence gives rise to all forms of human suffering. True understanding of this teaching liberates habitual tendencies to harm oneself, others and our world.
In collection Buddha's Core Teachings: Finding True Happiness Through the Four Noble Truths

2020-01-07 Buddha's Core Teachings: Finding True Happiness Through the Four Noble Truths 2:46:38
No one wants to suffer, and yet stress is everywhere in our lives. After the Buddha awakened under the Bodhi Tree, the first thing he talked about was how to find true happiness. He described four wise ways you can work with your mind in the midst of ordinary and meditative experiences, popularly known as the Four Noble Truths. You can (1) comprehend your suffering; (2) abandon its causes; (3) realize that it is possible to end suffering; and (4) follow the path that leads to its end. Practicing this path, you will become free—not by avoiding what is unwanted, but by developing a wise relationship to your mind and all the myriad conditions by which it manufactures stress.

2019-10-01 Right View Comes First 47:57
Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Thanissaro Bhikkhu reviews the Four Noble Truths as the categorical teaching of the Buddha - true and always beneficial. He describes the duties that enable us to fully understand and comprehend them and how the three characteristics - Dukkha, Annica, Anatta - are used in support of these duties and this understanding.

2019-09-10 Listening as a Spiritual Practice 52:55
Daniel Bowling
Daniel Bowling describes the many ways that we filter what we hear, which prevents us from really listening. By recognizing when we are listening through our sense of self and our conditioned thoughts and reactions, we can become aware of, and short-circuit, the patterns that disconnect us from life. This enables us to follow the Buddha's instructions to Bahiya -"there will be only the seen in reference to the seen, only the heard in reference to the heard, only the sensed in reference to the sensed, only the cognized in reference to the cognized."

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