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Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
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2009-03-10 Simplicity Of Being 40:20
  Shaila Catherine
Be as you are. This talk encourages a spacious and accepting attitude that embraces experience just as it is occurring. It is inspired by non-meditation approaches that bring relaxation, release, and ease to awareness without the exertion or efforts of striving. Mindfulness instructions are simple: observe your experience of sensory contact, observe what occurs at any sense door. You don't need to do very much with what you observe. See what is happening; be present with what is. Several obstacles to deep presence are examined. We learn to release attachments to material stuff, to overcome the influence of social expectation, and to renounce distracting and unskillful speech. We also learn to free the mind from mental proliferation, worry, and restless wandering; to embrace precepts that protect us from doing habitual or selfish actions; and to let go of clinging whenever it arises. This approach illuminates the power of renunciation; the calming of concepts of self, I, me, and mine; and the great peace that brings an end to suffering.
Tuesday Talks

2009-02-17 Guided Meditation 24:32
  Ayya Santacitta

2009-02-17 Dharma Reflections with Ayya Anandabodhi and Ayya Santacitta 49:30
  Ayya Anandabodhi

2008-10-28 The Role of Mindfulness in Relapse Prevention for Addictive Disorders 61:31
  John Astin
Psychologists Study Mindfulness A three-week series on Recent Research

2008-10-21 Mindfulness and Depression 67:53
  Phillipe Goldin
Psychologists Study Mindfulness A three-week series on Recent Research

2008-10-14 Mindfulness and Social Anxiety 68:45
  Phillipe Goldin
Psychologists Study Mindfulness A three-week series on Recent Research

2008-10-07 Ten Paramis 62:27
  Lama Surya Das
The ten paramis (or perfections) are transformative practices of a Bodhisattva, one who is on the path to liberation. In the Zen school of Buddhism these ten paramis are generosity, ethics, patience, effort, meditation, wisdom, skillful means, spiritual aspiration, higher accomplishment, and awakened awareness. These practices become perfected qualities in an awakened one. The first 6 paramis, starting with generosity and building up to wisdom, are laid out in the Pali Canon, which is said to record the actual words of the Buddha. Later, in Mahayana sutras, these 6 were expanded to 10 to provide the far-reaching, well-rounded principles for living the good life. You can read all about these perfections in Lama Surya Das' book, Buddha Is As Buddha Does

2008-08-26 Practicing with Vedena 38:45
  Andrea Fella

2008-08-19 Eight Wordly Winds 37:00
  Berget Jelane

2008-08-12 Right Concentration 47:43
  Jim Podolske
The Buddhist Path of Awakening: The Eight-Fold Noble Path A nine-week series

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