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Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
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2017-02-14 Four Gateways of Samsara: I, Me, Mine, and Mind 36:18
  Ronald Purser
Ron Purser gave the first talk in a speaker series titled "Everyday Dhamma." He explained how our minds filter almost all of our experiences through the framework of "I, me, and mine." Is it possible to develop another way of knowing? Our practice can help us to loosen our minds' strong addiction to "I."
In collection Everyday Dhamma

2017-02-14 Everyday Dhamma 4:02:31
Can busy lay practioners realize the fruits of the Buddhist path? How can we bring mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion into our family, community, and workplace activities? This speaker series will explore the intersection of the Buddha's teachings with the complex demands of contemporary daily life. Each speaker will explore a theme that highlights social issues or practical applications related to living a mindful life at work, with family, and in today's society.

2017-01-12 Wisdom 43:32
  Berget Jelane
Berget Jelane gave the tenth talk in a eleven-week series titled "Ten Perfections", on the parami of Wisdom. Wisdom is broader than knowledge, also encompassing compassion. Three characteristics of wisdom are: understanding impermanence (anicca), suffering (dukkha), and emptiness, or non-self.

2016-12-29 Energy, Effort 58:55
  David Cohn
David Cohn gave the eighth talk in the eleven-week series "Ten Perfections," on the parami of Energy and Effort. David discussed bringing the present moment into awareness, letting go of negative states, and cultivating positive states of mind.

2016-12-22 Determination 41:04
  Chris Clifford
Chris Clifford gave the seventh talk in the eleven-week series "Ten Perfections." The parami of Determination supports all other paramis. It can be cultivated over short and long periods. Discernment, truth, relinquishment and calm are important elements in focusing resolve on Dharma and liberation.

2016-12-01 Patience 30:48
  Sharon Allen
Sharon Allen gave the fourth talk in the eleven-week series "Ten Perfections." Patience is a valued human characteristic because wisdom shows us the sorrow and suffering we encounter when we are impatient. Mindfulness must be engaged to act with patience.

2016-11-10 Loving-kindness 54:51
  Kim Allen
Kim Allen gave the second talk in the eleven-week series "Ten Perfections." She discussed loving-kindness, or Metta, a strength of heart we develop through goodwill, both inner and outer. We develop goodwill through interpersonal relationships, and also through complete acceptance of all aspects of ourself. The path to complete Metta is inward through the heart.

2016-11-03 Generosity 35:52
  Drew Oman
Drew Oman gave the first talk in the eleven-week series "Ten Perfections." He began with a brief introduction to the Paramis (Ten Perfections), and then discussed the first perfection, Generosity (Dana), in more detail. He presented material from the suttas and from contemporary research on the relationship between giving and happiness.

2016-10-20 Fourth Noble Truth 50:33
  Shaila Catherine
Shaila Catherine gave the fourth talk in the five-week series "Four Noble Truths." This talk discusses the Fourth Noble Truth, the path leading to the cessation of suffering and known as the Noble Eightfold Path. We must know this path and actually travel it. This practice allows us to live a life that is noble and upright, and helps us distinguish between that which is wholesome (which leads to ending of suffering) and that which is unwholesome (which leads to more suffering).
In collection Four Noble Truths

2016-10-13 Third Noble Truth 36:21
  Laura Lin
Laura Lin gave the third talk in the five-week series "Four Noble Truths." She discussed the third noble truth, that of the cessation of suffering. Only by giving up and relinquishing craving can we end suffering. She also discussed meditation's role in calming the mind, allowing us to explore more subtle layers of attachment, investigate them, and eventually let go to realize peace and happiness.
In collection Four Noble Truths

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