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Laura Lin's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
Laura Lin
2017-05-18 Metta for category of enemies 49:35
Guided Metta Meditation, for category of enemies (taken from the course "The Power of Loving Kindness (Metta)".
In collection: Featured Guided Meditations
2017-03-14 Happiness at Workplace 35:30
Laura Lin gave the fourth talk in a speaker series titled "Everyday Dhamma." Laura observed that most Americans spend most of our waking hours at work. So, work provides us with a great opportunity to continue our practice and training off the cushion, and bring them into our workplace. When we bring wholesome states of mind, such as mindfulness, loving-kindness, and sympathetic joy, to work with us, these states of mind can transform our work into a happier and more rewarding experience. Without using some of these tools from our meditation tool box, the ups and downs of office politics and interpersonal dynamics can easily influence an untrained mind in averse ways.
In collection: Everyday Dhamma
2017-03-02 Meditating on Body 1 27:54
Guided meditation on Body #1.
In collection: Developing a Mindfulness Meditation Practice
2017-03-02 Meditating on Body 2 7:42
Guided meditation on Body #2.
In collection: Developing a Mindfulness Meditation Practice
2017-02-23 Developing a Mindfulness Meditation Practice 4:04:58
with Janetti Marotta, Sharon Allen
These are the guided meditations from the "Developing a Mindfulness Meditation Practice" course. The weekly content for this series included: 1. Why Meditate: The power of mindfulness with breathing, 2. Cultivating Presence: Mindfulness of the body, 3. Settling the Restless Mind: Mindfulness of thoughts, 4. Emotional Presence: Mindfulness of mental states, 5. Practicing Kindness: Metta Practice, and 6. Remember to Remember: Mindfulness recap and practice tips.
2017-02-14 Everyday Dhamma 4:02:31
with Kim Allen, Lisa Dale Miller, Misha Merrill, Ronald Purser, Sean Feit Oakes
Can busy lay practioners realize the fruits of the Buddhist path? How can we bring mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion into our family, community, and workplace activities? This speaker series will explore the intersection of the Buddha's teachings with the complex demands of contemporary daily life. Each speaker will explore a theme that highlights social issues or practical applications related to living a mindful life at work, with family, and in today's society.
2016-10-13 Third Noble Truth 36:21
Laura Lin gave the third talk in the five-week series "Four Noble Truths." She discussed the third noble truth, that of the cessation of suffering. Only by giving up and relinquishing craving can we end suffering. She also discussed meditation's role in calming the mind, allowing us to explore more subtle layers of attachment, investigate them, and eventually let go to realize peace and happiness.
In collection: Four Noble Truths
2016-09-29 Four Noble Truths 2:42:09
with Shaila Catherine, Sharon Allen
No one wants to suffer, and yet we do. The first sermon that the Buddha gave after his awakening addressed the issue of suffering. He articulated four basic tenants that have been remembered as the Four Noble Truths. They include the full understanding of suffering, the abandoning of the causes of suffering, the realization of the end of suffering, and the cultivation of the path leading to the end of suffering. It is through a wise relationship to suffering that freedom will be known.
2004-11-23 Featured Guided Meditations 4:40:37
with Drew Oman, Janet Taylor, Shaila Catherine, Sharon Allen
The teachers at Insight Meditation South Bay frequently guide meditation for the community. These recordings vary in length and style. They may include instructions for specific meditation techniques, introduce a dhamma theme, offer general mindfulness reminders, or present meditation instructions at the beginning of an otherwise silent session. Please listen to these recordings in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Turn off your phone, and settle into a comfortable meditative posture. Plan to meditate for 30-45 minutes even if the recording is brief and verbal instructions last for only a few minutes. You may enjoy brief recordings at the beginning of meditation session, and then continue to meditate in silence for as long as you wish. Silent periods during longer recordings are intentional; moments of silence allow time for you to practice the instructions that were previously explained.

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