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Angie Boissevain's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
Angie Boissevain
2016-07-07 Refrain From Intoxication 59:50
Angie Boissevain gave the first talk in a six-week series titled "Ethics, Action and the Five Precepts". Her talk addresses the fifth precept: refraining from intoxication. She discusses the impact of drug and alcohol use on relationships and how restraint can promote harmony.
In collection Ethics, Action and the Five Precepts
2015-11-19 Right Action 45:53
This is the fourth talk in a speaker series titled "Eight-Fold Path of Awakening." Every moment, we are asking, "now, what do I do?" Right action is the guidance to that question. It is a list of the precepts: no killing, no stealing, no lying, no sexual misconduct, no taking of intoxicants to cloud the mind. It is asking us to live our lives with integrity and in harmony with others.
In collection Eight-Fold Path of Awakening
2015-03-26 Equanimity 17:46
Equanimity involves being offered a situation, and accepting it as it is. When we do so, we see things more clearly. When we see things more clearly, we then know how to adjust to the situation. Otherwise, we are constantly up against things that we cannot change, wishing them to be different. This is a major source of our stress and frustration. At a first glance, equanimity may look like giving up, but by allowing things as they are, we can come to a peaceful place where there is no clinging or attachment.

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