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Drew Oman's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
Drew Oman
Drew Oman's involvement with Buddhism began in the early 70s when he took a course in Buddhist Scriptures from Walpola Rahula (What the Buddha Taught) at Northwestern University, where Drew obtained a BA in psychology. His spiritual journey led him through years of rich study and practice with the Quakers, Self-Realization Fellowship, and while following Eknath Easwaran here in the Bay Area, an immersion in the Christian mystics. Drew returned to Buddhism, specifically to Vipassana practice, in the early 90s, and has established a consistent meditation practice, is an active member of IMSB, studies Buddhist scripture, and engages in retreat practice. Drew has taught English as a Second Language in community college and Stanford, and works as an English language coach in corporate settings.
2016-11-03 Generosity 35:52
Drew Oman gave the first talk in the eleven-week series "Ten Perfections." He began with a brief introduction to the Paramis (Ten Perfections), and then discussed the first perfection, Generosity (Dana), in more detail. He presented material from the suttas and from contemporary research on the relationship between giving and happiness.

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