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Janet Taylor's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
Janet Taylor
Janet Taylor began practicing vipassana meditation in early 2006 and is inspired by the possibility of complete liberation and by seeing the truth of the Buddha's teachings of impermanence, the suffering caused by attachment, and emptiness in her daily practice. Janet has attended 10 residential retreats, including three seven-day jhana retreats, completed a 35-week course on the practice of the 32 body parts meditation, and serves as a mentor for beginning meditators at IMSB. Janet received her BFA degree in sculpture, and enjoys nature and sea kayaking. She currently works as a technical writer and curriculum developer.
2008-07-01 Right Intention 40:30
The first division of the Noble Eightfold Path is wisdom, which consists of right view and right intention. This talk introduces right intention, which is the intention of renunciation, of non-harming, and of non-ill-will, and touches on the connection between intention and a sense of self. Intention determines whether our actions are wholesome or unwholesome and whether they lead toward or away from liberation. Time is also given to discussing what actions in our daily lives support right intention.
The Buddhist Path of Awakening: The Eight-Fold Noble Path A nine-week series

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