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Janet Taylor's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
Janet Taylor
Janet Taylor began practicing vipassana meditation in early 2006 and is inspired by the possibility of complete liberation and by seeing the truth of the Buddha's teachings of impermanence, the suffering caused by attachment, and emptiness in her daily practice. Janet has attended 10 residential retreats, including three seven-day jhana retreats, completed a 35-week course on the practice of the 32 body parts meditation, and serves as a mentor for beginning meditators at IMSB. Janet received her BFA degree in sculpture, and enjoys nature and sea kayaking. She currently works as a technical writer and curriculum developer.
2010-03-02 Seeing the Body as a Body 46:31
This talk is an overview of the contemplative practices of the first foundation of mindfulness—mindfulness of the body—with particular focus on the 32 body parts contemplation. Contemplating the body parts can break the enchantment with the body and the belief that it is beautiful, and bring about insight into not-self. Seeing the body as a conglomeration of parts and processes reveals its empty nature because a self cannot be found. Contemplating the body processes, which includes the brain, reveals that preferences for certain experiences are no more than physiological reactions based on past and present conditions. By clearly seeing what the body is, we see what it is not: it is not a self.
Meditating on the Body A Five Week Speaker Series

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