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Jennifer Dungan's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
Jennifer Dungan
Jennifer Dungan began her meditation practice in 2003 with a mindfulness based stress reduction course (MBSR). The discipline of meditation opened a new world of personal discovery and her desire to continue learning propelled her to IMSB in January 2006. Jennifer especially appreciates the scientific method promoted by the Buddha. She lives with her spouse in Mountain View and works at NASA Ames Research Center.
2017-08-22 Climate Change and the Dharma 25:17
Jennifer Dungan gave the fourth talk in a speaker series titled "Living Wisely in the World: Caring for Mind, Family, Society. and Planet." She proposed that human-caused climate changes could be regarded as a Heavenly Messenger for us to wake up. She further explored how global warming is a consequence of clinging on a societal and political scale. In addition, we can be mindful of what arises in our mind when we hear about global warming. The spectrum can range from feeling alarmed to feeling dismissive. Our mind state in turn can lead to wholesome or unwholesome actions.
In collection Living Wisely in the World: Caring for Mind, Family, Society, and Planet

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