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Margaret Gainer's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
Margaret Gainer
Margaret Gainer began Buddhist meditation practice in 1995 and teaches at several Bay area meditation groups and churches. Margaret completed Sati Center Buddhist Chaplaincy Training, and since 2005 has taught a weekly meditation class for women inmates at Elmwood Correctional Facility in Milpitas. Margaret is a member of First Congregational Church of San Jose and brings Buddhist teachings and understanding into the life of the church.
2017-10-10 Rahula: Son of Buddha 39:47
In this fifth talk in a lecture series on the Great Disciples, the speaker, Margaret Gainer, describes the life story of Rahula, son of the Buddha. After meeting his father for the first time at the age of seven, Rahula became the first novice monk in the Buddha's Sangha. He is known as foremost in his eagerness in receiving training. The teachings that he received from the Buddha are still relevant to us today, more than 2,600 years later.
In collection The Great Disciples: People and Personalities in the Buddha's Community
2016-05-19 Concentration 1:14:50
Margaret Gainer gave the sixth talk in a eight-week series titled "Seven Factors of Awakening." She compares and contrasts meditation techniques that lead to insight and concentration, and focuses on applying concentration to develop one-pointedness.
In collection Seven Factors of Awakening
2014-08-12 Widening the Path of Practice: Compassionate Service 33:56
This talk was given as a part of the series "Where Rubber Meets the Road: A Series on Mindful Living." When we think of service, we think of people like hospice companions, volunteer hospital chaplains, volunteers in prisons. However, there are compassionate services in a wider sense, including services that are very personal and individualized. No matter what form service takes, wisdom and compassion are its foundations. Indeed, service is the fulfillment of our practice. When we deepen our daily practice of meditation and mindfulness, when we realize the Four Noble Truths in a very personal way, and when our hearts find the rhythm of the living Dharma, service will find us, and we will be willing, energized and ready. The talk also includes inspirational accounts of people who walk with suffering for the sake of others.
In collection Where Rubber Meets the Road: A Series on Mindful Living
2012-05-10 Awakened Living:Integrating Mindfulness into Daily Life, guided meditation 35:25
Introduction to Mindfulness: Level I A five-week series
2012-05-10 Awakened Living: Integrating Mindfulness into Daily Life 49:43
Introduction to Mindfulness: Level I A five-week series
2010-08-17 Seven Factors of Enlightenment 50:22

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