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The Seven Factors of Awakening
2020-02-11 The Seven Factors of Awakening 1:24:08
with Kim Allen, Shaila Catherine
The Seven Factors of Awakening offer an effective framework for cultivating the mind, overcoming the hindrances, and balancing the energetic and calming forces that develop through meditation. When these seven factors are well developed, the mind is ripe for awakening. This series will explore each factor to reveal its importance, function, and role in the process of awakening.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
Mindfulness 35:38
Shaila Catherine
Mindfulness (Sati in Pali) is a whole-hearted observation of the present moment with a quality of mind free of desire/aversion. It forms the basis for cultivating all the Awakening Factors.
Investigation 48:30
Kim Allen
What is meant by investigation (damma vicaya in Pali) and how do we prepare ourselves to undertake it.

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