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Two Bright Qualities: Shame and Dread (hiri and ottappa)
2016-04-12 Two Bright Qualities: Shame and Dread (hiri and ottappa) 50:06
Sean Feit Oakes
Sean Feit gave the first talk in a 7-week series on lesser known Buddhist teachings titled "Thus Have I Heard." This talk explains moral shame and moral dread (translated from Pali terms hiri and ottappa, respectively) as non-negative qualities. Rather, the Buddha called them the "two bright qualities." These terms can also be translated as conscience and concern, respectively. Hiri (translated as moral shame or conscience) refers to a sense of healthy regret for past unskillful ethical actions. This healthy regret is accompanied by ottappa, moral dread or concern for the future (i.e., "May I not act like that in the future"). Hiri and ottappa together support reflective awareness of action and its results, directed towards the past and directed towards the future. This embodies intention towards wise action.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
In collection: Thus Have I Heard

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