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Balanced Practice
2016-02-04 Balanced Practice 4:31:20
with Kim Allen, Richard Shankman, Shaila Catherine
The art of Dhamma practice includes engaging skillfully with complementary aspects of practice. Sometimes we are called to actively cultivate qualities, while at other times, letting go is more appropriate. We use both our head and our heart; we engage both inwardly and in the outer world; we need both restraint and boldness. Sometimes qualities that at first appear to be in opposition, are actually inseparable -- like the front and back of a hand. This speaker series explores potential paradoxes and complimentary forces in meditation, as we learn to develop a balanced practice.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
Faith & Inquiry 63:54
Kim Allen
This is the first talk in a 5-part speaker series titled "Balanced Practice". In this talk, Kim Allen explores faith, trust, confidence, curiosity, inquiry and doubt, and how these factors relate to our practice.
Cultivation & Letting Go 54:28
Kim Allen
This is the second talk in a 5-part speaker series titled "Balanced Practice". Kim Allen discusses cultivating and letting go, and the need for balancing of both to progress on the path. These factors are like two sides of the same coin; cultivating non-clinging leads to letting go.
On the Cushion and In the World 62:26
Kim Allen
This is the third talk in a 5-part speaker series titled "Balanced Practice". Kim Allen speaks about practice on the meditation cushion and in the world. In the Pali tradition, training in behavior, view, and intention precedes meditation. Hence the transition between the two worlds flows naturally. In the West, we tend to go straight to meditation, and hence ask, "How can I bring cushion practice into the world?" As we balance our practice, we discover how cushion practice can enhance our activities in the wider world and vice versa.
Mindfulness and Compassion: Protecting Oneself and Others 41:53
Shaila Catherine
This is the 4th talk in a 5-part speaker series titled "Balanced Practice." Shaila Catherine explores the compassion of protecting others and the wisdom of protecting oneself through the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness guards the mind and protects the mind from sliding into actions based upon unwholesome tendencies. Mindfulness also protects us from the unmindful actions that could easily cause harm. Mindfulness has a capacity of naturally drawing everything into balance, so the mind progresses with a balance of effort and ease, of tranquility and investigation, and of calm concentrated state and engaged state.
Concentration and Insight 48:37
Richard Shankman
This is the fifth talk in a 5-part speaker series titled "Balanced Practice." Richard Shankman begins by exploring the nature of the liberation and awakening pointed to by the Buddha, and then examines how meditation supports us on that path.

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