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Right View
2015-11-05 Right View 54:50
Lisa Dale Miller
Lisa Dale Miller gave this is the second talk in the speaker series titled “Eight-Fold Path of Awakening.” The first path factor of the Buddha’s Eightfold Noble Path is right view, also known as wise understanding. Though right view is the first of the Eightfold path factors, it represents the fruition of the succeeding seven path factors. Right view and right intention (the second path factor) together produce a supreme training in wisdom designed to awaken the faculty of penetrative understanding. The Buddha defined right view as understanding dukkha, the inherent unsatisfactoriness of all experience, its origin, cessation, and the path leading to its cessation. He also defined right view as wisely comprehending Dependent Origination—the Buddha's topology of mind and the cognitive-affective perceptual mechanisms that cause us to misapprehend self and world as separate, autonomous and permanent. The Buddha taught that wrong view is the greatest source of unwholesome mind states and by extension, unwholesome decisions and behaviors. The fruition of right view is a heart-mind liberated from avidyā, the delusion of suffering.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
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