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The Joy In This Moment
2015-06-30 The Joy In This Moment 49:57
Misha Merrill
Meditation brings us to see how amazingly ordinary and yet incredibly profound every moment is in our day. Meditation is the dharmic gate of joyful ease. Yes, we do our sitting practice, but hopefully, we can spend the rest of our day in a meditative state of mind. We take our mindfulness with us to whatever it is we are doing, and stay at ease in our mind and body. Yes, there is suffering, but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t also joy. We spend so much time worrying about the future that has not happened, and reliving the past that cannot be changed. It is easy to miss the joy of the present moment. As Susiki Rosi said, “The world is its own magic.” We can find this while we clean our toilet as well as washing dishes. Indeed, everyday activity is itself enlightenment. But we have to be present to experience this contentment, and this is the joy of this moment.
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